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Style and Comfort

We understand that the keyboard isn't just a functional device, it's a way of expressing yourself. Our split ergonomic keyboards not only focusing on the functional side but aesthetic as well.

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white keyboard

Experience a new way of typing

Extreme comfort, just like a hug for your hands

purple keyboard
Every keystroke is just as satisfied as the last
VIA configurator logo

Fully ​programmable

All of our keyboards can be configured by users with the help of the graphical and very intuitive software call VIA configurator. It can runs locally as well as on browser.

open hardware logo

Open source design

All of our offerings are open designs both in hardware and software as we share the value of the open hardware, open source initiative.

corne keyboard

Design for human

The ergonomic keyboards are designed based on the anatomy of the human hands. Unlike the organically evolve layout like the traditional qwerty keyboards, the keyboards we sell are designed from the ground up to fit the natural position of the human hands, thus making it very comfort to use.