Configuration Guide

We understand that due to the versatility of our products, the option configuration is a bit confusing, we hope this page might help you choose the correct keyboard for yourself. We have lots of products but limited man power, so for now we don't have all the pictures for all the possible configurations, we hope to rectify this soon. In the mean time, please note that for the Case, even though the material is different (ex. Aluminum and 3D printed), the design remains the same. The plate designs remains the same for different materials as well.

Kit only (Unsoldered components)

Fully built (We soldered it for you) 

Please note that we do not include any Switches or Keycaps, you will need to have them on hand for the keyboard to work.

Plate material is one of the key factor that impact the sound, typing feel and the overall look of the keyboard. We have some great options as follow. We will have some sound test videos in the future


Stainless steel


To tent a split keyboard is to set it as an angle inclination side to side instead of front to back like traditional keyboards. Most of our offering has a tenting holes on the side so you can attach M5 bolts to set the keyboard at any angle of your liking. We will have other style of tenting in the future.

Tenting (The holes on the perimeter of the keyboard is where the tenting bolts are attached)

Non tenting

Though the sandwich style keyboard is the root of ergonomic keyboards, we understand that many (ourselves included) prefer a keyboard that has a more refine look, that can fit the aesthetic of their setup. We ergonomic user cannot let the custom keyboard gang has all the fun. So we introduce many case options for you to choose from:

Anodized CNC aluminum

PLA 3D printed

CNC Acrylic (This option is not yet mass produced, please send us an email if you're interested, pricewise, it'll be the same as the aluminum one)

This option is only for the case:

If you see "This combination does not exist" error when selecting the color or the Case material, it means that the case material doesn't have the color you choose, please choose another case material or choose another color.

Black CNC aluminum

Silver CNC Aluminum

White PLA

We do sell the Aluminum case as well as the 3D printed case separately, you can find the listings for all the case in the store with "Case only" designation. However, please note that the USB cutout for the case is not universal, it's designed to fit our very specific way of installing the controllers. If the position of your usb port is the same as our builds, the case will work without any problem.

For build with usb port on top (controller facing upward, Sofle v2 right side)

For build with usb port on the bottom of the controller (Controller facing downward - most of the keyboards)