Frequently Asked questions

Q: What is the lead time for an order?

A: Usually the kit order can be shipped within 1 week of placing order, build order will be shipped in 3 weeks. However, during this global pandemic, supply chain might be broken and things will take longer to be shipped (since we get most of our components from China, and they’re still pursuing Zero covid policy), in such case, I will contact you and let you know the situation. If you think your order is taking too long to process, please send us an email before claiming that we're scamming you to PayPal or credit card company. We're a small company so we might face issues with those gateways.

Q: What are the shipping options?

A: We are offering 2 shipping options (Epacket and Express Shipping). Epacket is the cheaper method and only available for certain destination. Express shipping is available worldwide.

Q: What are the differences between shipping options?

A: ePacket usually takes 1 week to reach the US/UK destination and about 3 weeks to reach any other European Countries or North America Countries.

Q: What is the warranty on your products?

A: Once receiving the order, please check if it’s fully functional and/or what you receive is exactly as your order. If there is any problem upon arrival, I will send a replacement or offer a refund accordingly. However, after this phase, I cannot provide further services since it’d be costly to send your order back and forth to fix things. Please check your order and claim if there’s any problem within 1 week of order received. After that, we reserve the right to decline further support.

Q: What is the most effective way to contact us?

A: The best way to reach us is via Email or web form on Contact Us page. We try our best to answer all email within 1 working day; however, we’re a small team and sometimes we miss email. Please send us an email again if you don’t receive any response within 2 working days.

Q: What is your refund policy

A: All products are new and are sold “as-is”. You are responsible for your purchase and we will not issue refunds for irresponsible purchases.

Q: Does the aluminum case for the Sofle V2 fit the RGB PCB version?

A: No, the aluminum case for the Sofle V2 will fit the Sofle V2 PCB only, it cannot fit either Sofle v1 PCB or the RGB PCB.