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May 26, 2024 by

Ergomech Store began with humble origins, focusing on popular Open Source Keyboard projects. We create kits for those who prefer not to spend time sourcing individual components. Additionally, we offer assembly services for customers who are unfamiliar with or prefer not to solder.

Initially, we did not prioritize documentation, relying on the wealth of information available through Open Source projects, which can be easily found with a quick Google search.

Now, almost five years later, we have developed our own products, including custom PCB designs. Recognizing that our previous approach to documentation is no longer sufficient, we are committed to providing comprehensive documentation for all our custom boards. These resources will be available on our GitHub. This blog post serves as a bookmark to access the GitHub repositories for all our products.

So, what can you expect on these guide:

  • Source code of the Firmware,
  • Default firmware binary (in case you want to factory reset)
  • How to guide on buiding and flashing the firmware
  • Default keymap
  • Build guide (for products available in kits)

Link to product documentations