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Sofle RGB – Sandwich style

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  • Case style
  • Plate material
  • Tenting
  • Build option

This combination does not exist.

This is a Sofle RGB split ergonomic keyboard kit without switches and keycaps:


- Powered by the powerful RP2040 MCU, allowing users to use more macros and features from QMK

- Columnar staggered layout, allowing comfortable movements of the fingers

- Tenting capability, allowing users to set the keyboard at an incline to fit with natural position of their hands

What's in the order:

- PCB with all the component pre-soldered and tested (if you choose the fully built options) - or a kit of components if you choose the Kit only

- 2 Switches plates (Material of your choosing) and 2 bottom plates (only available in Acrylic)

- 1 TRRS cable

- 8 rubber bumper to prevent slippage

- USB-C port - However, cannot be used with usb-c to usb-c cable

Component kit contents:

- 10 brass standoff

- Screws and nuts to install the brass standoff

- 2 x PCBs

- 2 x TRRS Jacks

- 2 x Reset buttons

- 2 x OLED covers

- 2 x Promicro controllers

- 58 x Hotswap sockets (and some spares)

- 58 x Diodes


Plate material Acrylic or Aluminum
Tenting Non Tenting or Tenting
Build option Kit only (Unsoldered components) or Fully Built (We soldered it for you)
Case style Sandwich Style