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Sofle Hybrid - Aluminum version (Exclusive) (Choc Socket)

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  • Plate material
  • Case material
  • Color
  • Build option
  • Socket type
  • Wireless build

This combination does not exist.

The Sofle Hybrid is the redesigned of the gread Sofle by Josefadamcik. This used to be called Sofle Choc - Ergomech revision, but this causes some confusion since there are a few Sofle Choc version out there. This is an exclusive product of our store.

The Sofle Hybrid is called so because of the versatility of the PCB. It can fit both the Cherry MX swiches as well as Kailh low profile switches. It also accommodate both wired and wireless builds without any problem.

What are the features? 

  • Roller encoder on the left side and 5 ways switch on the right side, bring more dimension to your keyboard usage
  • RP2040 controllers with plenty of  Memory for your QMK features need
  • Hotswap sockets that can fit Kailh Choc switches (both v1 and v2)
  • OLED display for more fun features
  • QMK + VIAL preflashed
  • Super slim (12mm from bottom of the case to the top of the case) (17mm in total height including switches and keycaps)
  • The PCB supports wireless controller natively (there is battery connector, Nice!view connector, on/off switches)
  • The case has battery cutout that can hold batteries up to 1000mAh
  • Aluminum case in black or silver that will fit any setup
  • Sandwich style case is also available with acrylic bottom plates and top plate material of your choosing (Acrylic, Stainless steel, Brass)

Notice: If you get this keyboard with the wireless build options, we will include 2 wireless controllers, batteries, power switches to the build.

This kit does not include switches or keycaps. You'll need to get them separately. If you need a keycap set, we can recommend the MBK Legend Glow R2

The wireless version of this board uses ZMK firmware and the default configuration can be found here

Please note that this is a fully built option, meaning we solder everything and you only need to plug in the switches and keycaps. We used to have kits for sale but due to the lack of documentation, we have to pull it off the shelf until we can provide a details build guide.


Plate material Acrylic or Aluminum or Brass
Color Black or Silver
Wireless build No - Wired build or Yes - Wireless build
Case material Aluminum
Build option Fully Built (We soldered it for you)
Socket type Choc (low profile)