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A Great successor to the Ergodash

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  • Case style
  • Tenting
  • Socket type

This combination does not exist.

Hi guys, we at Ergomech.Store would like to bring you another keyboards: the Neodox

This is our re-implementation of the famous Redox keyboard. With this design, we aim to fix everything that we see as drawbacks of the Redox

- The outer column is now 1U instead of 1.25U on the Redox, this helps users to easily find a suitable keycaps set.

- Neodox uses the RP2040 so you can easily bring all the QMK features without worrying about memory.

- Type C port (of course)

- It supports ergodox tenting legs

- Top mount plates, bring better typing experience than the usual tray mount

- Optional OLED display and optional Rotary encoders (one on each side)

- Underglow RGB

The 3D printed case will come with top-mount Stainless Steel plates.

There is no kit option for this keyboard, the keyboard is fully soldered and ready to be used right away (You still need to provide switches and keycaps, though)


Case style Sandwich Style or Enclosed case
Tenting Non Tenting or Tenting
Socket type Cherry or Choc (low profile)