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Corne – Sandwich style

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  • Case style
  • Plate material
  • Tenting
  • Build option
  • Socket type
  • Wireless build

This combination does not exist.

This is a Corne split ergonomic keyboard kit without switches and keycaps:


- Powered by the powerful RP2040 MCU, allowing users to use more macros and features from QMK

- Columnar staggered layout, allowing comfortable movements of the fingers

- Tenting capability, allowing users to set the keyboard at an incline to fit with natural position of their hands

What's in the order:

- PCB with all the component pre-soldered and tested (if you choose the fully built options) - or a kit of components if you choose the Kit only

- 2 Switches plates (Material of your choosing) and 2 bottom plates (only available in Acrylic)

- 1 TRRS cable

- 8 rubber bumper to prevent slippage

- USB-C port - However, cannot be used with usb-c to usb-c cable

Component kit contents:

- 10 brass standoff

- Screws and nuts to install the brass standoff

- 2 x PCBs

- 2 x TRRS Jacks

- 2 x Reset buttons

- 2 x OLED covers

- 2 x Promicro controllers

- 58 x Hotswap sockets (and some spares)

- 58 x Diodes


Plate material Acrylic or Stainless Steel
Tenting Non Tenting or Tenting
Build option Kit only (Unsoldered components) or Fully Built (We soldered it for you)
Socket type Cherry or Choc (low profile)
Wireless build No - Wired build or Yes - Wireless build
Case style Sandwich Style