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Dactyl Manuform trackball

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  • Main Cluster
  • Thumb Cluster

This combination does not exist.

This is the one of the most unique keyboards there is, it rocks a curved design that can conform to your hand perfectly.

The tilting angle is about 10 degree, this makes your hand posture tilt to the exact rotation of your hand, reduce strains on your wrist.

Technical description:

  • RP2040 ARM Cortex M0 controllers 
  • 8MB storage - plenty for any of your qmk needs
  • PMW3360 trackball sensor
  • 34mm trackball
  • 10 degree tilting angle
  • Wrist rest included.


Main Cluster 5x6 (Similar to Sofle) or 4x6 (Similar to Corne 6 columns) or 4x5 (similar to Corne 5 columns)
Thumb Cluster 3 buttons or 5 buttons