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[B-Stock]Sofle V2 Aluminum case in Blue

120.00 120.0 USD 120.00 220.00

120.00 220.00

Not Available For Sale

    This combination does not exist.

    This item is a B-Stock item that's rejected after our QA process. The item has some cosmetic flaws that we show clearly in the product pictures. Most of the time these flaws are in a very hidden places and sometimes it's quite hard to see in person. 

    This case fit the Sofle v2 PCB and will not fit anything else. So please keep that in mind when you purchase it to fit your current board.

    This case will be accompanied by a pair of aluminum plates (the combo of custom color case and aluminum plates usually cost over $200 so the saving  is quite significant if you can tolerate the flaws)

    We also offer another $10 discount if you want to pair this with a PCB assembly from us to get a fully functional keyboard (send me an email to [email protected] for this request).