About us


Hi, I'm u/hainguyenac on Reddit,

I've always been interested in Mechanical keyboard in general and Ergonomic keyboard in particular. Ever since I built my first ergomech (the well known Atreus), I can't stop building them.

https://ergomech.store is founded to help those who need an ergonomic keyboard but don't have the time or skill to assemble one themselves. Besides, I also develop a few unique accessories for several well known open source on the market. Even though we're a very small team, Ergomech always try our best to bring customers the best experience. If you have any questions, please drop us a message at sales@ergomech.store, we'll response in a few hours.

A few feedbacks of our products:

Sofle RGB with Black aluminum case

Sofle keyboard with Black aluminum case

Sofle v2 keyboard

Sofle v2 in silver - typing sound

Another Sofle v2

Yet another Sofle v2 in Black aluminum